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The First Steps are the Biggest & Hardest – What you discover in your first firearms classes

You signed up for your first firearms class.  That is awesome and you will certainly learn a lot.  It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the new ideas. Your first class probably covers firearms safety – and much more. Here is a review of what you’ll learn, and what you might need to unlearn.

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What Gun Should I Buy?

If you’re wondering what gun you should buy, read this first. Then take a Pistol 1 class. Then go buy a gun.

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The Illegal and Racist History of the FOID Card

An in-depth review of why Illinois’ FOID system is illegal and actually founded on racism.

Did you not know that? It might be because ALL PEOPLE have recently been conditioned to have the memory span of goldfish. Well, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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Let’s Talk About Red Dots

Whenever I’m teaching classes, and it doesn’t matter which ones, could be Pistol 1 up to Defensive Pistol or Combat Carbine and Pistol one topic that always seems to come up is the topic of red dots. I always get asked if I like them and get asked questions like, “Should I get one?” or “What are some of the pros and cons of them?” so it inspired me to make a post about them.

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New Illinois Gun Laws for 2022

Yes, it’s that time of year again where I go over the laws the morons in control of the laws of this state try to force down our throats, mostly in violation of the 2nd amendment.

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Chicago Alderman Wants You To Bring a Whistle To a Gunfight

This is the face of an idiot. Alderman Michele Smith (D-43 – Lincoln Park), is bringing back something from the 1970’s. The whistle. If you are the victim of a robbery, mugging, or violent crime she wants you to break out a whistle and blow it in your attackers face. Then she expects all of your fellow unarmed citizens (well, armed with whistles) to run towards your attacker and blow their whistles in their face also.

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Everyday Carry

Comfort, in my opinion has slowly become the most important fact of everyday carry. I’ve seen it a lot – people who are getting into carrying concealed get excited and load up on guns, knives, flashlights, medical, and so on. This is awesome and I’m definitely in the preparedness camp, and as a protector of ourselves and our families we want to be ready and able to defend people and offer help. The problem though is when we have too much of a good idea that slowly becomes simply TOO MUCH TO CARRY. People get loaded up, feel tacticool, and then one day not far off, stop carrying because their EDC has become so uncomfortable.

Here’s a bullet of truth: If your Everyday Carry is uncomfortable – EVENTUALLY YOU WILL STOP CARRYING IT.

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Self Defense – My Krav Maga Journey

Everyone that is serious about self defense knows, or at least should know, that guns aren’t the only thing you need to carry. You also need to carry with you a defensive mindset. A fighter mindset. Not every time will you be able to use your gun – maybe the attacker is in close and you won’t have time to draw and get a shot off. You need to be able to defend yourself hand-to-hand whether or not a knife is involved. Maybe you’re somewhere you can’t carry – at work for instance, or you said to yourself, “Hey, I’m only going to get gas, I can leave it at home for this one errand.”

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Let’s Stop The Stigma – Kids and Guns

Way back when there was a stigma against talking to your children about topics like sex. What happened? There was an increase in teenage pregnancies and the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Is this still the prevailing thought? No. Because we realized that if we didn’t talk to our kids about topics like sex, or smoking, or alcohol they were going to find out for themselves, and a lot of the time there would be life-long consequences to them having to “figure it out” by themselves.

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3 Techniques Predators Use to Hunt Women | by Corinne Mosher

Most members of the public are more motivated to capture the next viral video then to drop their cell phones and render assistance in an emergency. Combine this with the proliferation of video surveillance in our society and unfortunately – or fortunately – those that study what “real world” violence looks like have endless footage of crimes available to them with a few strokes of a keyboard and a wifi password.

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