Military Tactical Training & LE Courses


These private military training and private law enforcement training courses on this page are restricted to US Law Enforcement and Military personnel only. Foreign Entities must have US DOS clearance to receive military tactical training or LE training.  If you are a range facility or organization that is interested in hosting military training courses or an LE course, contact We The People using the Contact form.


We’d like to remind all law enforcement officers from the State of Illinois that when you became an officer you swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of both the United States and the State of Illinois.  We’d also like to remind you as public servants your bosses are the people of the State of Illinois.  Not a tyrannical governor who illegally works to pass illegal laws under the cover of darkness (that means in the middle of the night when most Illinoisans are sleeping).  You also have a duty to disobey all orders from superior officers that you know to be illegal orders.  Confiscating firearms under the cover of PICA (which does nothing to protect people) is contrary to your duties and the oath you swore as an officer.

That said – if your department policy is to illegally confiscate firearms from law-abiding Americans (if you don’t know what that means let me dumb it down – if your department believes they should follow PICA and the disgusting governors orders) we WILL NOT TRAIN YOU.  You are redcoats in our eyes and we do not train our enemies.

Course List

Patrol Officer Tactics

Thie class teaches the Patrol Officer and Field Training Officer how to look at, approach and solve tactical problems they will encounter on the street. They will learn hot setup and implement live fire training for their officers.

Live Fire Advanced Hostage Rescue

This course teaches the experienced officer or tactical officer everything from exterior contact to all problems encountered on a target during Hostage Rescue Operations.  All components of this course are live fire.

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