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We the People FTA was established with the sole purpose of providing the highest end firearms and tactical training possible to the legally armed.  As the company has grown, one thing has remained constant:  We are as motivated to learn as we are to teach.

The common thread among our staff is our never-ending quest for knowledge. Each year we receive hundreds and hundreds of hours of instruction from outside trainers and schools. We have vowed to never become marred down by traditionalism or the status quo.  We the People FTA asks for an open mind from our students and we require nothing less from ourselves. We consider it a failure to not learn at least one new piece of information while we attend a class.

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Meet our Staff

Joe Cosentino

Joe Cosentino

Chief Instructor
Joe is a United States Marine Corps veteran and has over 20 years of experience with self defense, guns, and shooting.

Joe is a certified trainer with the NRA and USCCA, the Illinois State Police, a Shoot House Instructor, an NLT Affiliate Instructor, a Krav Maga Instructor, and is a certified Range Safety Officer. In addition to Illinois, he is also a certified concealed carry instructor in Florida and Arizona.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
School of Infantry West, CampPen
Amphibious Reconnaissance School
Jump School
Combatant Dive School
Advanced Free Fall School
Shoot House Instructor School
     (Run by former Delta Force operators)
Basic CQB
Advanced CQB

Utilitizing those years of experience, Joe trains students using a methodology that is safe, effective, and encourages the student to think about everything pertaining to their situation.

Joe also has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with a minor in History. When Joe is not teaching students you can find him working out in his home gym, hiking some trails, or working on his house.

Jeff peplinski

Jeff peplinski

Jeff is a highly experienced and dedicated instructor, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the rifle and pistol courses. With a background as a prior service infantryman in the United States Marine Corps, Jeffery's passion for firearms and personal defense is evident in his teaching approach.

Having served 5 years of active duty and 1.5 years as a reservist, he has gained invaluable experience as a team leader and assistant squad leader, as well as a trained dog handler specializing in explosive detection. Jeffery's combat deployment in Afghanistan and extensive travels throughout the Middle East have further honed his understanding of tactical situations.

In addition to his firearms expertise, Jeffery also practices Krav Maga, making him well-rounded in self-defense techniques.
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