Women’s Only Courses

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5.4 million women participated in target shooting in 2013

43 percent of women gun owners go target shooting once a month or more

73 percent of women gun owners have taken at least one firearms training class

If you’re curious about firearms, whether for personal defense or to learn a new sport, our Women’s Only Course is the perfect place to start. These instructional shooting clinics are designed to teach you firearm safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, giving you the confidence you need to safely handle and operate a firearm upon completion.

Women’s Only Courses are available only to women — it’s a safe and friendly environment whether you’re picking up a gun for the very first time or are just brushing off some dust and need a little refresher.  You’ll immediately feel at ease in this four hour course, and will be provided with a hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience.  No experience or equipment is necessary to participate.

Class Curriculum:

Pistol Safety and Range Safety Fundamentals

Pistol Functions and Common Terminologies

Loading and Unloading

Cleaning and Storage of Firearms

Shooting on a live range under instructor supervision


Ladies only, no other experience is required.

Equipment Requirements:

  • No open-toed shoes allowed.
  • Low-cut shirts are discouraged.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Electronic hearing protection is recommended, but we have foam ear plugs available for free.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Full refund: 61 or more days from the class
  • 50% refund: Between 31 and 60 days from the class
  • No refund: Within 30 days of the class



5 reviews for Women’s Only Courses

  1. DANA GORDON (verified owner)

    My daughter and I participated in Instructor Joe’s women’s only safety class to level up and challenge ourselves and to learn gun safety and shooting.
    Instructor Joe is professional, personable, safe, and extremely knowledgeable in all the tactical training courses.
    Joe is an outstanding leader and instructor. I highly recommend taking this gun safety course to anyone who is on the fence or apprehensive or fear guns.
    This safety gun course was empowering and liberating and the course has awaken the lion within me. RAWR!

  2. Amanda A. (verified owner)

    Joe was amazing. I was so nervous coming into the class. Everything was very thorough and made me feel so comfortable. I highly recommend

  3. Edie M

    Awesome class! Joe is an excellent instructor, very professional and knowledgeable..

  4. Melissa S (verified owner)

    Just took the women’s class, what a great class! Joe is a great instructor!! Can’t wait to take another class with him! I will highly recommend him to my friends!!

  5. Phyllis D (verified owner)

    GREAT EXPERIENCE!! Total beginner that was completely intimidated about even signing up for the class, not to mention all the rest. JOE is a down to earth instructor that really knows his field and provides applicable examples. He has a good blend of “matter of fact- patience”. It was an emotional experience for me and I was never called out or made to feel odd about it.

    Getting to the range really brought it all together and made it perfectly clear to me just how deliberate his classroom time really was. I was able to ask questions for clarity and he never seemed bother or annoyed by it. His explanations made sense of my “why’s” and allowed me to keep moving forward. As a woman, I HIGHLY recommend him for the Beginner Gal. I now consider him MY INSTRUCTOR and plan to continue with his classes for my ongoing training.

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