Professional Training Courses

Pistol Training


This 1-day course lays the foundation for all future pistol training. Safety, range etiquette, clearing, loading, equipment, fundamentals of fire, clearing stoppages, common mistakes, and fighter mindset are the main subjects tackled in this essential course.


This 1-day course begins with a review of safety protocols and an audit of each individuals shooting fundamentals and basic skill sets (draw stroke, reloads, etc).  During this course, students will learn use of cover/concealment, concealed carry considerations, fighter mindset, and movement.  Prior training is required to be eligible to attend this course.


This 1-day class is intended for those wishing to master their pistol skills in either defense of their family, increased training for competitions, or for law enforcement officers wanting to be exceedingly better than their peers with their handguns. 

Rifle Training

This 1-day course lays the foundation for all future rifle training. Safety, range etiquette, weapon operation, accessories, fundamentals of fire, shooting/ready positions, rapid target acquisition, target transitions, clearing of stoppages, rapid fire, and fighter mindset are the main subjects tackled in this essential course.

This 1-day course begins with a review of safety protocols and an audit of each individual’s shooting fundamentals.  During this course, students will be introduced to movement, use of cover and/or concealment, alternate body positions, scenario based stress fires, fighter mindset, and more.

Combat Rifle & Pistol is a 2-day class designed for intermediate shooters who want to shoot faster and more accurately in defense of their life with both their pistols and rifles.

Your core skills will be refined building up to dynamic shooting with accurate speed.

Concealed Carry Classes

This class is for anyone wanting to get their Illinois Concealed Carry License.  This course is intended for anyone, regardless of shooting experience.  FOID is not required.

This class is for anyone who currently posesses an Illinois Concealed Carry License (CCL) who needs to renew their credentials.  1 hour at the range, and 2 hours in the classroom is what is required by the State of Illinois.

This is a fast-paced course and will test your limits! This is an advanced class and is meant for those who are already familiar and comfortable in handling and shooting a handgun; this is not for beginners. This is a perfect course for those that will be carrying concealed on a regular basis and is great for anyone that carries a concealed weapon.

Specialty Classes

A chance to learn about firearms in a easy-going atmosphere with a bunch of other gals. We know you love them, but sometimes it’s more comfortable taking your first shots with the girls. In this class you’ll learn about firearm safety, storage and basic nomenclature. 

Private handgun session with one of our professional firearms instructors is available now.  Pricing for a one hour classroom lesson is $75 for the first student and $25 for the second.  All classes are by appointment only.

Teaches long range competition shooting, taught by a retired Marine Scout/Sniper.

Non-Firearm Related Courses

Beyond performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, would you know how to save a life before the paramedics arrive? 

Or worse, when help isn’t accessible?  Become your family’s first responder by attending Emergency First Aid Fundamentals.

Mass shootings are unfortunately becoming more common in our society.  Safety is never guaranteed but having a better understanding of what’s going on helps you to stay calm and get help.


Experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the decision to refuse to be a victim. That means that you must have an overall personal safety strategy in place before you need it.  Through a 4-hour seminar called Refuse To Be A Victim® (shorter custom presentations are available), you will learn the personal safety tips & techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and escape becoming a victim.

Are you a realtor?  Do you know one and want them to be safer on the job?  Enroll in this safety class designed specifically for realtors.  Learn more about situational awareness, apps and devices that can keep you safe, and good protocol to follow when meeting new clients.

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