Chicago Alderman Wants You To Bring a Whistle To a Gunfight

This is the face of an idiot. Alderman Michele Smith (D-43 – Lincoln Park), is bringing back something from the 1970’s. The whistle. If you are the victim of a robbery, mugging, or violent crime she wants you to break out a whistle and blow it in your attackers face. Then she expects all of your fellow unarmed citizens (well, armed with whistles) to run towards your attacker and blow their whistles in their face also.

Does that sound dumb as shit you too?

In a bulletin sent out to her constituents this past week, Smith asked her constituents to arm themselves with whistles.

“Something that can be really loud. Whistles that can be used in sports, camping safety, are the kind of whistles that we recommend people get.”

Michele Smith

In the bulletin, she writes, “if you find yourself in a suspicious situation or witness a crime, blow your whistle. If you hear a whistle, call the police, then move toward the source while blowing your own whistle.”

But the bulletin does specify to not blow your whistle if you think doing so would put yourself in danger.

“We specifically advise people that if you feel in danger in any way, don’t do it,” she said. “We expressly direct people: if you are the victim of crime, cooperate. Do not resist. And certainly don’t blow your whistle if someone has a gun pointed at your head.”

Because we all know that as soon as criminals get what they want they won’t hurt you, right? Tell that to the families of a large number of violent crimes – such as gas station attendants who were killed over the $40 in the register, or people that get killed over shoes, or iPhones, or something stupid.

Lets keep in mind that in the 1970’s, people didn’t have phones attached to their hips. Even more so, people didn’t actively walk around in Condition White with their heads in their phones, oblivious to the world around them. Watch this video of a guy in the middle of a bar robbery in Brazil where the thieves made everyone get on the floor but him because he was too engrossed in his cell phone to realize what was going on!

I say fuck that. This is why we carry.

Because criminals don’t care about human life anymore – ours or theirs. That fucking moron Kim Foxx certainly wont prosecute criminals anymore – so what does that leave us? To take the law into our own hands? If we do complete morons like her will gladly prosecute US for defending ourselves, and let the criminal walk free. How fucked up is that? But the citizens of Crook County, for whatever reason, decided to elect and re-elect her. Even after she let Juicy Smollett off the hook for his fake race crime – furthering the racial divide in America – not strengthening it. A few months ago she dropped all charges after one gang started shooting into a house that was occupied by another gang because in her words, “They started shooting back, making them equal combatants.” How fucking stupid can this woman be?


Kindly wake up and STOP ELECTING THESE IDIOTIC PIECES OF TRASH into government. These people want to strip away your right to self defense and tell you to bring a whistle to a gun fight. If that isn’t extremely dumb I don’t know what is.

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