Let’s Talk About Red Dots

Whenever I’m teaching classes, and it doesn’t matter which ones, could be Pistol 1 up to Defensive Pistol or Combat Carbine and Pistol one topic that always seems to come up is the topic of red dots. I always get asked if I like them and get asked questions like, “Should I get one?” or “What are some of the pros and cons of them?” so it inspired me to make a post about them.

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Everyday Carry

Comfort, in my opinion has slowly become the most important fact of everyday carry. I’ve seen it a lot – people who are getting into carrying concealed get excited and load up on guns, knives, flashlights, medical, and so on. This is awesome and I’m definitely in the preparedness camp, and as a protector of ourselves and our families we want to be ready and able to defend people and offer help. The problem though is when we have too much of a good idea that slowly becomes simply TOO MUCH TO CARRY. People get loaded up, feel tacticool, and then one day not far off, stop carrying because their EDC has become so uncomfortable.

Here’s a bullet of truth: If your Everyday Carry is uncomfortable – EVENTUALLY YOU WILL STOP CARRYING IT.

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