Countering the Mass Shooter Threat


The Countering the Mass Shooter Threat (CMST) covers knowledge and tactics to thwarts active shooters in Places of Worship, Businesses, and Schools. Learn what we’ve learned in 165 Active Shooter events since Columbine. You will be given a clear snapshot of these events and help you prepare to counter and survive an active shooter event.


Course Description:

Mass shootings have become all too familiar today and that is unacceptable. This course is designed to give us the information and data to identify, reduce, control, and then eliminate these incidents.

Instead of wondering: What can be done to stop this?  You can say: THIS is what needs to be done to stop these events!  Instead of “hopes and prayers” you can have “Action and Solutions.”

In this course, you will analyze data gathered from 48 mass shootings that have occurred since Columbine to determine what can learned from these tragedies, including whether a reduction in magazine capacity or the banning of any class of firearm would have changed the outcome.

You will also determine whether gun-free zones figure into the planning of these mass murderers; whether victim response at any mass shooting has made a difference; and whether universal background checks or other proposals by gun control advocates stand a chance of stemming the current trajectory of these shootings.  At the end, you’ll be able to use this data and develop a comprehensive plan designed to eliminate the scourge of these shooters once and for all.

Who Should Attend:

  • School staffers, administration, teachers, volunteers, etc.

  • Church leaders, security, and parishioners.

  • Parents, grandparents, and students.

  • Anyone concerned about this type of event.


  • Part One
    • Mass Shootings by the Numbers
    • Would Reducing Magazine Capacity or Banning AR-15s Work?
    • Do Gun Free Zones Help or Hurt?
    • Does Victim Response Make a Difference?
    • What Are Universal Checks, and Would They End Mass Shootings?
    • What About No Fly Lists and the Terror Watch Lists?
    • Part One Summary
  • Part Two
    • Know the Signs
    • Creating an Emergency Operations Plan for your School, House of Worship or Business.
    • Special Considerations for Schools.
    • Don’t Be an Easy Victim: Run, Hide or Fight.
    • When Fighting Back Means Using a Gun.
    • Triage and Treat the Wounded.
    • Eliminating Gun-Free Zones.
    • Where do we go from Here?




8 hours

Course Completion: 

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the course and a copy of the USCCA’s book Countering the Mass Shooter Threat (a $35 value)

Equipment Requirements:

Bring a notebook and pen
Water and snacks as you need them



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